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If you think that anyone can test, you may not be right…Not everyone can give you the relevant and valuable feedback that you need to satisfy your customers or take decisions about next things that need to be done to improve the product.

In a nutshell, I can help you with most of your testing activities.

Agile Testing

Agile development teams don’t necessary have dedicated testers. At least someone with the Quality Assurance/Tester mindset should be part of agile teams and help the team to reach their goal in term of quality, reliance, conformity to what is expected.

Test strategy

A bad test strategy is very easy to write and no-one should notice any problem until it’s too late. Ever heard managers telling you that you don’t need anymore testers because every testing can be automated? A good testing strategy is composed of several testing techniques done at the right time, depending on many factors (team, product, history…) and evolving all along the project timeline.


Testing is not learned frequently in schools and university. Those that are applying to testing jobs are often team members not knowing very well this job and they might gain a lot of bad habits, specifically when they are surrounded by non-testers. They need to be mentored by experienced testers.


We don’t hire and manage testers like other team members. You don’t ask them to write code to evaluate them. You don’t give them objectives related to the number of issues they found. Managing testing activities is a very specific skill and should be assigned to experienced and skilled profiles.

I co-organize the Ministry Of Testing Lyon Meetup

Context-Driven Testing

The testing that you need is unique
Testing can be infinite, and time is money

Testing has no end. In order to value the time allocated to testing, understanding the need and agreeing with the team is a major step. Communication is essential, and adapting to your specific context is the key.

  • I interview everyone involved, understand the context and share an agreement with stakeholders

  • I can suggest a strategy that suits your needs, discuss it, implement it, evaluate it, test it and improve it by iteration

  • I test the product with exploratory testing and any tools that can help. I try to find issues that matters and help the team to not reproduce the same mistakes

  • I make clear reports and give informations to stakeholders that needs them

Stéphane Colson

Hi! I’m Stéphane Colson, a freelance Software Tester living in Lyon (France). I have 11 years of experience in Software Testing and I’ve also been a developer a long time ago.

Testing is a passion and in addition to my skills allowing me to test any software, I remain eager to learn a lot about my craft: with books and blogs, by attending conferences and meetups, using Social Networks or with other testers of the testing community with dedicated medias.

The exploration, questioning with the developers and all those involved in the project (users included), heuristics, oracles and bias avoidance are part of my tools.

I also blog on Lyon Testing and I am one of the organizers of the Ministry of Testing Lyon Meetup.

I’m willing to help companies in Lyon (France) or anywhere in the world as a remote.


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